Ana Santos is a spanish photographer and digital retoucher based in Madrid. She is interested in questioning and reflecting on emotional limits as well as the indistinct boundaries and multiple polarities that delimit the reality of the human being in the environment he inhabits through aesthetic photographic experiences. 

Communication and a humanistic approach, a focus on colour, texture, ambiguity and human relationships of various kinds forms has always been the base of her practice, while the narrative elements within the work often remain open and ambiguous.


Selected Workshops:

Javier Vallhonrat, Recom Farmhouse, Justine Ford, Gervasio Sánchez, Eugenio Recuenco, Cristina de Middel, Jesús Alonso, Ruth Rovirosa,  Lottie Davies, Daniel Canogar, Cristina García Rodero, Jesús Micó,  Ciuco Gutierrez, Gonzalo Golpe, Beatriz Martínez, María Santoyo, Jorge Salgado, Manuel Vilariño, Francisco Carpio, José Ramón Bas, Santiago B. Olmo, Eduardo Momeñe, Eugenio Ampudia, Carmen Dalmau, Javier Duero, Ricardo Cases, Alexander Apostol, Carlos Spottorno, Jon Uriarte, Yolanda Domínguez, Ixone Sádaba, Simon Norfolk.


Exhibitions / Publications / Awards



. CENTRO CULTURAL “LA CONFIANZA”. Solo Exhibition. Valdepeñas. Ciudad Real.

. FISHEYE Magazine.

. DER GREIF- Guest Room. Curated by Nadine Wietlisbach.



. MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS. Bronze winner, Fine Art-Abstract."Resonantia series".

. Photo-Digital Visual Group Exhibition. “Plastic”. Millepiani Art Gallery. Roma. Italy.

. PREMIO MEZQUITA - CIUDAD DE CORDOBA. Tema libre. "Resonantia" series. España.

    . DER GREIF. "Social Interaction" curated by Nadine Wietlisbach. "Resonantia" series.

    . MOPLA GROUP SHOW. Month of Photography Los Angeles. "Resonantia" Series. USA

    . INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS. 3rd winner, Honor of distinction, Abstract. " Resonantia". USA.




    . IPOTY-INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE YEAR. Silver winner Fine Art-conceptual "Chamaleon".

    . MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS. Silver winner, Fine Art-Abstract."Chamaleon Project".

    . OCIMAGAZINE. Chamaleon Series.

. CHROMATIC AWARDS. Honorable Mention, Fine Art. "Resonantia".

    . CHROMATIC AWARDS. Second place, Abstract. "Resonantia". 

    . INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Silver winner, Fine art."Chamaleonidae" Series. USA.

    . PARIS PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE. Honorable mention, Fine Art-Abstract. “Emphasis”.

. INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Silver winner, Abstract.Chamaleonidae" Series. USA.

    . ANORMALMAG. Chamaleonidae Series featured online.

    . Loosenart Mag and Gallery. "EmphasiS". Book Conceptual. Roma, Italy.

    . "De tal palo tal astilla". Collective exhibition. Tarazona Foto. Spain.

     . Interview with fine art photographer Ana Santos for

    . Represented by Millenium Images, London, UK.

    . KwerfeldeinFeatured online. "Chamaleon Project" series. Bonn. Germany.

    . Riga Photomonth. Projection Facts and Clarifications. "Chamaleon Project". Latvia. 


    . The Hidden Photo. Featured online. Emphasys Serie. Poland.

    . Haute Punch Magazine, Chamaleonidae Series featured online. Montreal, Canadá. 

    . PhotoVogue, Photograph of the day. Chamaleon Project.

. IGNANT Magazine, Chämaleonidae Series, Berlín, Germany. 




    . EXC! Magazine, featured in Issue #5. Madrid, Spain.

    . EFTI Collective Exhibition: Hacia dónde mirar. Madrid, Spain

    . IED - VEIN Magazine Grant. Photography and Graphic Design Projects. IED. Madrid, Spain.

    . PHOTOMASTERS. Group Exhibition, The Oldtruman Brewery, London, UK. 

    . Encontros Da Imagem. Screening Chämaleonidae, International Photography Festival. Braga,PT.    

    . Hashtag Photography Magazine, Featured in Issue #17. UK.

    . Foro PHOTOESPAÑA. Sala Canal de Isabel II, Madrid, Spain. 

    . FOTOPROYECTOS 13. Screening Chämaleonidae, UnoNueve-EFTI. Madrid, Spain.

    . PHOTOESPAÑA. International Photography Festival. Portfolio reviews Finalist. Madrid, Spain.

    . FLAMANTES 3_ Libro de Artistas. 

    . TIPOS INFAMES Gallery. Solo Exhibition. Chämaleonidae. Madrid. Spain. 




. FOTOPROYECTOS 12. Screening, UnoNueve-EFTI. Madrid, Spain.